Minnesota rep wants to increase fees for high-mileage cars

A bill introduced in the Minnesota Legislature would increase tab fees for high-mileage cars, including hybrids. Rep. Ron Erhardt (DFL-Edina) has introduced this bill to attempt to recoup some of the lost gas tax revenue from cars now getting better gas mileage.

Here's the proposed fee schedule:

35-40 mpg = $35

41-45 mpg = $55

46-50 mpg = $65

51-55 mpg = $75

56-60 mpg = $85

61 mpg + = $95

A bit of caution: This bill is going up before the House Transportation Committee on Wednesday. The bill is expected to get a cool response from the Republican-controlled committee and may not pass. But if it clears the committee, it will certainly raise some eyebrows.