Minnesota lawmakers respond to calls for tighter gun restrictions

Less than 36 hours after tragedy unfolded in Florida, outrage is sweeping across the country. Many are looking for answers, starting with those with the power to change laws that might prevent mass shootings

Fox 9 reached out to the entire Minnesota congressional delegation to ask them what they are planning to do next. 

Representative Tim Walz (DFL) says the conversation must start with finding common ground. 

“We need to change what we are doing,” he said. “Whether it's a select committee in Congress to at least study it, let the CDC study it, do universal background checks. These are things that are almost universally agreed to.”

Senator Tina Smith (DFL) adds military style weapons need to be banned. 

“It is unacceptable that we can't do something about this epidemic of gun violence that is taking so many lives across this country,” said Smith. “I strongly support the Congress taking action that they could, if only they would.”

Meanwhile in Texas, Vice President Mike Pence carefully avoids any mention of guns. 

“While voices in Washington and media will run to their predictable debates, I promise you this president and administration will focus with renewed energy on the getting to the bottom of the lessons to be learned in this investigation - making our schools safe, and taking a fresh look at giving law enforcement and local authorities the tools they need to deal with dangerous mental illness,” said Pence.

A headline for the Boson Globe is plenty of attention, stating "We know what will happen next" as this country has seen too many mass shootings. People across the country are already bracing for a repeat. 

“When are we going to get a majority that is going to do the right thing?” said Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL). “I don't know because my colleague Steve Scalise got shot up. That didn't change anything. When my colleague Gabby Giffords got shot up doing a Congress on Your Corner that didn't change anything.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar echoed it's time for bipartisan vote on sensible gun legislation and background checks. 

Fox 9 is still waiting for those on the Republican side of the aisle to acknowledge our requests for comment.