Minnesota is the best state, Politico says

Coming off a second-place finish last year, Minnesota is now at the very top of Politico's list of the best states to live in.

The list, which is published to coincide with the state of the union speech, takes into account per capita income, unemployment, poverty, home ownership, education, life expectancy, infant mortality, obesity, violent crime, and other factors

Minnesota's jump to the top -- we're tied for first with New Hampshire -- is mainly due to improvements in employment, infant mortality, and the obesity rate, Politico specifies.

Below is the full top 10, along with some of the raw data. If you'd like to check out all the data and read more about Politico's methodology, click here.

Wisconsin, if you're curious, clocks in at 17th. The worst five states in Politico's estimation are Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, respectively.