Minnesota DEED, Target build online tool to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms

With employees across the state heading back to work, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development developed a symptom screener to help businesses ensure the safety of their staff and community.

According to the DEED, officials worked with Target to build the Symptom Screener, a web-based tool that allows businesses to enter non-personal health information to help make a determination about someone entering their facility. It asks employees a few simple questions and provides the option to record a daily temperature check.

Target is also making a number of no-touch infrared forehead thermometers available to Minnesota businesses for about $51 each.

"While temperature checks are not required as part of health screenings, it is a highly recommend practice and we are especially grateful to the team at Target for stepping up to help other businesses in Minnesota protect the health and safety of their workers," officials wrote.

Businesses that are interested in purchasing an infrared thermometer can get started here.