Minnesota college student hit by two cars in Japan, with typhoon approaching

A University of St. Thomas student from Eden Prairie, Minn. has spent months recovering after being hit by not one, but two cars. It happened while he was studying abroad in Japan.

STORY- Univ. of St. Thomas student studying in Japan struck by two cars

Luke Adams, nickname "Sunny" because of his optimistic personality, was hit by two cars while crossing the street back in May.  But this young man, who’s already overcome so many obstacles, will have to overcome a few more, as a typhoon is soon approaching.

"He's had this deep desire to study in Japan since he was 12,” his stepdad Carl Bennett said. “This is a lifelong dream of his to stay there and see this thing out."

Even though he's out of a coma and the hospital, he's still in constant pain from his broken ribs, jaw and other injuries while he goes through two separate rehabs a day and finishes up his classes.

"He's the sort of person who if everything slides off he carries through, gets through it, but on the inside you know he has to be going through a lot of pain confusion and struggle just to get through the day,” Bennett said.

To make matters worse, Typhoon Nangka is expected to make landfall in Ioto, Japan where Luke and his mother are staying on Friday -- which could bring flooding and damage like its sister typhoon which hit China a few days ago.

"It’s going to be one more boulder added to this mountain,” Bennett said.  “On top of that, on Sunday they had a 4.2 earthquake."

But if all goes well... Luke and his mom Susan should be back in the U.S. by the middle of August.  

"After all this trouble, earthquake, typhoon all that stuff, Minnesota weather is going to feel pretty heavenly,” Bennett said.

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