Minneapolis woman punched, robbed at 46th Street light rail station

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A Minneapolis woman is speaking out after she was brutally beaten and robbed near the 46th Street light rail station. The attack happened just a few steps from the platform, just out of view from any surveillance cameras.

Bri, who asked us to not use her last name, said she was walking to the light rail station around 5 a.m. Thursday morning when she heard someone run up behind her. When she turned around, the man started hitting her repeatedly on the head and face.

Bri said her attacker never said a word and had some sort of sharp object on his knuckles that caused cuts to her face

"Finally I just said 'Please take everything I have, please just stop,'" Bri said. "Because he wouldn't stop punching me in the face. I didn't know what he wanted. I thought he was trying to kill me."

The suspect ran off with her backpack while Bri went to the hospital. Her mom has since lined the street between the light rail station and their home, warning others about what happened.

Minneapolis police say they have not had problems in this area, but as the weather warms up, an increase in crimes of opportunity can be felt city wide. Metro Transit is handling the investigation.