Minneapolis Police K-9 Foundation fundraising for new treadmill

Minneapolis K-9 officers are in need of a new treadmill, an expensive piece of equipment used to help train them for real-life encounters.

So, on Tuesday, K-9 Officer Callahan and his partner Officer John Murphy worked at the Minneapolis Police K-9 Foundation’s Fundraiser to help raise $4,000 for the new equipment.

“What the treadmill does is it gets them motivated, seeing a sleeve, which is basically a toy for the dog,” Officer Murphy said.

Amy Sizer with the foundation said the department’s current treadmill was donated to them.

“It’s super beneficial to the unit so we’ve decided that’s something we want to provide for them,” she said.

Now, the treadmill is getting worn down. The breaks are getting loose so the treadmill is not stopping.

So far, the department has collected about $265.

Officer Callahan is one of 13 K-9s currently serving in Minneapolis and using the aging treadmill.

“In K-9 work, the training never stops and with the treadmill does, it’s always there for us, a useful tool to keep Minneapolis’ four-legged officers sharp on the street,” Officer Murphy said.

The foundation will continue their fundraiser Wednesday and Thursday at the IDS Center Crystal Court in downtown Minneapolis.

To help support the K-9 Unit, click here: http://www.mplspolicek9foundation.org/support-the-unit/