Minneapolis couple taunted with fake $100 bills, attacked with belts in yard

After a brutal attack they never saw coming, one Minneapolis couple says they're so worried that they've hired an armed guard for their house in the Shingle Creek neighborhood. They're also upset police aren't doing enough to find the group of teens who did this.

Cammy and Luke Gustafson say they were in their yard Saturday evening when a group of teens came up to them, tossing fake money.

“Started throwing $100 bills at us and saying they could buy our house, and they could buy our car,” Cammy Gustafson said.

Cammy says the encounter quickly turned even more strange, and violent.

“They started spraying my face with Spic and Span, and I told them we were going to call 911 and they started whipping me with belts as my husband ran back inside,” she said.

The attack left Cammy with dark marks where she was hit with the belt buckle.

“This will heal on her,” Luke said. “It's more the emotional. You can't go out in your yard anymore. What's happening? 

The Gustafsons also say they're upset with the police response, which apparently took more than 20 minutes.

“You have someone who was assaulted on their own property, outside of their house on their property,” attorney Mike Padden said. “I can't think of any agency in Minnesota that would not aggressively investigate this.”

Padden is representing the Gustafsons and tells us the police never even looked for the teens. Minneapolis police would only tell Fox 9 that they were initially told the attack happened somewhere else -- something the Gustafsons say is flat out wrong.

“If we have young people committing this type of crime, you’ve got to get this stopped, because who's going to be the victim next week?”

The Gustafsons say a Minneapolis police officer stopped by Wednesday night, and that councilwoman Barb Johnson is looking into the matter.