Minneapolis cat, Steve, remembered in neighborhood with loving obituary

A stroll past the Knight Cap on Fourth Street Northeast, and you may notice a flyer stapled to the phone poll notifying passersby of the passing of a neighborhood cat. 

The obituary - while unusual - is a tale of one man’s grief and the deep connection he had with his cat

Kelly Loverud recently lost his 19-year-old cat, Steve, typing his feelings out and posting them throughout his Minneapolis neighborhood. 

"It’s not every day that a cat is worthy of that. Steve was worthy of that," said Loverud. "He was the best cat."

Steve had a prosthetic eye after a rare eye disease that required doctors to remove the eye. Loverud said the feline didn’t like other cats and loved to hunt small critters. 

Loverud explained that he wrote the obituary out of grief and didn’t know why he decided to post them in the neighborhood.