Metro Transit expands Northstar commuter rail schedule

There are now more options for commuters who take the Northstar train. 

The Northstar train provides service from Big Lake to Minneapolis, making stops in Elk River, Ramsey, Anoka, Coon Rapids and Fridley. It also connects buses from Northstar Link to and from St. Cloud.

Previously, Northstar provided only two northbound and two southbound trips a week. Now, there are three southbound trips and one northbound trip every morning and three northbound trips and one southbound trip every afternoon. 

Metro Transit expanded the Northstar schedule in an effort to boost its low ridership numbers.  

The train will also offer trips into Minneapolis for special events like Minnesota Vikings games, starting on Oct. 8 when the Vikings play the Kansas City Chiefs. The same for the Twins playoff games, which start Oct. 3. 

The expanded Northstar train schedule is available on Metro Transit’s website