Memorial for survivors of sexual violence unveiled in Minneapolis

The nation’s first permanent and public memorial honoring survivors of sexual violence is now open in Minneapolis’ Boom Island Park. 

A virtual dedication ceremony was held Saturday morning to celebrate the completion of the Survivors Memorial. The purpose of the memorial is to remember the victims of sexual violence and bring solidarity to the survivors. 

memorial for survivors of sexual violence

The Survivors Memorial honors survivors of sexual violence. (FOX 9)

"To every person who's experienced sexual violence, this place is yours, is ours. This place is for all of us,” said Sarah Super, founder of the nonprofit Break the Silence. “You are strong, you are courageous and you are inspiring. We stand together in solidarity.” 

The memorial is inspired by the stories of how so many strong women overcame sexual violence, using their experience as two metaphors: the ripple effect which is signified as the multiplying power of survivors' voices and mosaic, which symbolizes the broken pieces that can be put together to create something whole and beautiful.

memorial for survivors of sexual violence

The nation's first permanent, public memorial honoring survivors of sexual violence opened recently in Boom Island Park. (FOX 9)

A number of guest speakers explained the importance of the memorial during the virtual ceremony. 

“It has built the truth of sexual violence into the fabric of the community. It is here, right here, and by being here it honors every woman killed, hurt, wounded, made less by rape and abuse. It says less to each woman, your life, your experience, your story matters," one of the guest speakers said of the memorial. 

The memorial is now open for the public to visit at any time. It is located at the south end of Boom Island Park between the playground and the bridge to Nicollet Island.