Memorial continues to grow for Deputy Darren Goforth

Many continue to pay their respects to Deputy Darren Goforth at the gas station where he was shot and killed. The memorial in his honor keeps growing, and organizers have raised well over $100,000 to support the family. 

"I've come to show my support for a fallen hero, his family the rest of the community, the United States," Robert Huckabee said.

"Seeing actually everyone come together and be beautiful together. It's a very sad situation but such a beautiful story that came out of it," Linzi Jackson said.

The story here is unity and faith as many pay their respects to Deputy Darren Goforth. The support is around the clock. Every time you look are more flowers, balloons and signs and officers receiving blue ribbons.

"It's so beautiful the officers keep coming up and thanking us, but it's the other way around. We're thanking them. They're the ones who are doing it. We're just here to show our support," Jackson said.

Angela Sanford went to high school with Deputy Goforth.

"I've been fighting tears since I've gotten here. I'm very sad for his family.  I'm sad for our country that this could just happen but I'm so proud of my community," Sanford.

A great sense of community with two strong messages: 'Blue Lives Matter' just like 'All Lives Matter.'

"All lives matter, police lives matter parents lives matter, children's lives matter. Everybody's life matters we're humans and we need to treat each other as humans," Sanford.