Maple Grove woman won't serve jail time after killing 2 teens in crash 2 years ago

A Maple Grove woman who killed two teenage girls in a crash near Mounds View High School will not serve time in prison.

Rachel Kayl was driving more than 80 miles per hour when she hit another car along Hwy. 96 two years ago.

Parents of the victims expressed how horribly sad they were with the loss of a child, but also, the defendant told those families she was sorry.

While the victim’s families said Rachel Kayl did not seem remorseful, today in court Kayl did apologize. She said “Parents should never have to bury their own children,” and “no matter what happens today I’ll carry the guilt forever.” 

Kayl crashed into the vehicle of three girls. Stephanie Carlson and Bridget Giere were killed in the crash.

The driver, Samantha Reddin, was critically injured but survived. Kayl was not injured.

At Wednesday’s sentencing, the victim’s families read impact statements. Marilee Giere, Bridget’s mother, said “the last thing I said to her was, ‘Have a good day.’”

“We will never get the chance to walk her down the aisle or hold her babies,” Steven Carlson, Stephanie’s father said. “She loved God, her family and friends.” 

He added, “No family should have to go through this hell.”  

Now, as part of a plea, Kayl avoids prison time and instead serves 10 years’ probation. The judge did however think she should spend one year at the Ramsey County Workhouse, but the medical director for Ramsey County Correctional Facilities indicated to the judge the facility could not handle the physical and psychological conditions that she has. 

Because of that, the judge put her 1-year sentence on hold until next November. By then, he will have received more information from doctors and the jail to see if she could be ready to serve at that time.

Now, although the girls made a left turn in front of Kayl, investigators said it was Kayl's excessive speed that resulted in the death of the two girls. Kayl did go home Wednesday night, but will return to the courthouse in November.