Man shot by law enforcement after hitting officer with arrow identified

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Three officers and one suspect involved in a shooting incident in Sauk Centre Thursday have been identified. 

A 31-year-old suspect struck a Stearns County Sheriff's deputy with crossbow arrow during the incident, which ended after a two-hour police standoff. 

According to Sheriff Don Gudmundson, after 10 a.m. a black pickup truck, which was stolen in Osakis, Minn. earlier in the morning, exited into Sauk Centre. After pulling into a John Deere parking lot, the pickup hit a building, drove through multiple backyards in a neighborhood, struck parked cars before crashing into a garage on 10th Street.

The suspect, identified Saturday as Ramey James Olson, 31, of Alexandria, then went into the home, where he found the homeowner's compound bow. When officials went inside the house, he appeared on the second floor and shot Deputy Paul Orvis with the crossbow. The target arrow hit Deputy Orvis in the left forearm. Sheriff Gudmundson says the suspect does not know the homeowner and went into the home at random.

According to the BCA, Trooper Anthony Butler of the Minnesota State Patrol and Officer Patrick Nechanicky, of the Melrose Police Department both discharged their firearms. Sergeant Joseph Jensen, of the Sauk Center Police Department, discharged his Taser after two hours of negotiations.

Olson was taken to St. Cloud Hospital. He is being treated for gunshot wounds to the shoulder, buttocks and a graze wound to his hand.

Deputy Orvis is undergoing surgery to remove the arrow shaft and is also being treated for a possible broken arm. According to hospital staff, he is in good condition. Orvis is a 17-year veteran on the force. He recently made the Stearns County Sheriff's Office newsletter for adopting a stray kitten he found on patrol.