"Love Architect" talks love & litigation

Kailen Rosenberg, known around the country for her work helping people find love, continues to expand her message and business months after a judge dismissed a lawsuit against her.

Rosenberg has opened a dating and social club called “The Lodge.” She is developing a dating app and has created a test to help people discover what type of “love mate” they are.

“I’m just a person on a mission who wants to grab as many people who want to join onboard - truly the love train - to make this world a better place,” Rosenberg said.

Despite Rosenberg’s growing message and reach, she said the lawsuit was a painful time and one that forced her to struggle with adhering to some of the principles she teaches.

“Shock and then heartbroken. And to this day, I’m still heartbroken,” Rosenberg said.

The lawsuit, filed by a client named Hammond Meredith, accuses Rosenberg of inducing Meredith to invest in her business and claims she failed to adequately help him find relationships. Rosenberg said Meredith is the one who wanted to invest and that she helped him find several serious relationships. A judge dismissed the lawsuit for jurisdiction reasons. Meredith is appealing, and his lawyer said Meredith “has no plans to abandon the appeal or this lawsuit.”

Rosenberg said she found lessons in the litigation.

“It’s all stemming from, and rooting from, people who are broken inside and haven’t found a way to peace and healing. So if I can find a way to stay focused on that reality, then I can stay focused on what I’m doing,” she said.

Currently, Rosenberg is working to expand the concept of The Lodge, a private social club modeled after the peaceful memories she has from a place her grandparents used to take her. She hopes to open locations in other cities. Rosenberg says the laid-back feel of the cabin-themed space encourages singles to let their guards down and make better connections.

She also continues to help singles form relationships and said her work starts with people learning to accept and love themselves.

Rosenberg said she's focused on "teaching people that it’s okay to feel lost or confused or to have made a mistake or several mistakes...that no matter what you come from, no matter where you’ve been, the whole plan is for you to have love and to know love and for there to be peace.”