Lost dog found after missing for 2 years

A dog that ran away from home two years ago, is finally home and reunited with its owner.

It's been a long road for a dog named Buck. Sarah Euliano says he showed up at her apartment, scratching at the door, on the Fourth of July.
"He's covered in mud. He's drenched. He is terrified. He is shaking uncontrollably," Euliano said.

A dog lover and owner herself, she took him in and gave him a bath.  Then, she posted photographs of the dog on Facebook, hoping to find someone who could take him permanently.

"I got a message from a girl, a woman and she asked about his extra claw, and I said, 'Yeah he has an extra claw.'  She starts freaking out and she's like, 'I know this owner!'"

Ellen Berrios said when she saw the photo of the dog a friend's Facebook feed, she knew it had to be Buck.
Berrios lost buck during a storm in Oviedo, Florida two years ago.  She said he got out through a hole in her fence that she didn't know she had.  His collar got snagged in the fence and came off.  She said she had not yet microchipped him.

"I still, to this day, will check the shelters every week and see if I recognize his face anywhere," she said. "Every night, before I go to bed, I wonder if he's warm, if he's safe."

In those two years,  Berrios moved to Pennsylvania. Her fiance was planning to drive back to Florida to pick up buck.

The vet says he's in pretty good shape for all he's been through, all things considering, and he's expected to be back home in Pennsylvania soon.