Little Jilly a volleyball inspiration at less than 4 feet tall

Middle school can be tough for any kid, but a southern Minnesota 7th grader isn't letting one big challenge get in her way. She's less than 4 feet tall, but Jillian is finding success on the volleyball court.

Little Jilly, as her family calls her, was born with Turner syndrome, a genetic disease that affects one in every 2,500 girls. The most common symptom is short stature.

Jillian stands just under 4 feet with a measuring stick, but stands tall and proud with her teammates. What she lacks in her height, she sure makes up for it with everything else that she's got.

“I play volleyball, basketball, softball in the summer,” Jillian said.

Turner syndrome carries increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, but she doesn't let any of it faze her. With Jillian's attitude, anything is possible.