Houston-based rappers Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro involved in viral fight video

It's the fight video that's making headlines and left people around the country talking. It happened over the weekend, and it involves two Houston based legendary rappers – Z-Ro and Trae tha Truth.

In the video that’s going viral, you see Z-Ro on the ground in what some describe as a defensive position. A man is attacking him. 


The rapper says this was after he was lured away from a restaurant and attacked by several people Saturday evening. 

While we do see rapper Trae tha Truth in the video, he's wearing an orange shirt. He is not laying hands on Z-Ro. 

The rapper told us his side of the story in one-on-one with FOX 26’s Isiah Carey.

"Now you said you were lured into an ambush. Who lured you? Do you know the people?" Carey asked.

"Of course, I know, it's Trae tha Truth. Yeah, he asked me to, after I was finished doing what I was doing with a fan, to come and speak to him. So, I went over there with the intentions of speaking, and speech is not where we're going. That's not what took place, speech. So, it was a lot of, like I said, I was sucker punched and then I was jumped after the sucker punch."

Z-Ro says after that video got out, as a rapper with his persona, there is no turning back.

Meanwhile, Trae tha Truth declined to comment on camera. He did, however, address the situation in a video on social media:

"Yo check this out, I'm gonna address this one time, one time only, man. I feel like I'm at a point in my life I'm not fixin' to sit here and let stuff just laying around. But I do feel I owe it to people to know, especially people who really rock with me, man, know. The situation they tryin' to paint, the narrative they're trying to paint, that s--- is false. There was no seven on one situation, it wasn't no blindside ambush, that not what this is. This is family business, internal stuff that's been going on for 10-15 years, it's probably been building up and just spilled over into s---. The crazy thing, I'm watching all these blogs and and everybody say some of the stuff they say well they don't know. Me and this man had a conversation for nearly two hours the day after. You know, it was a private conversation that was needed to be had. But it's just so crazy to watch so many people trying to put their two cents in and think they know what they talking about, and say this, say that. Look, I'm not only here to be trying to defend nothing. What I will tell you is those who know my character, I always been stand up. I don't do no f--- s--- man, probably got one of the biggest hearts ever. But they also know I stand up for what I stand up on. If in any way I feel disrespected, I'm gonna stand up. I'm a man, you know, I'm human. Sometimes we do things out of emotion that may mess us up. Sometimes we do things that we feel is rightfully right. What I can say is, the situation, and this is internal stuff, man. You know, it's crazy because we've been fighting our whole life, our family they always fight. So it's just different now because it's always cameras and it's always social media, and people with an opinion. It ain't no hate for that, man. You gotta understand, I'm not gonna let anyone hurt or harm him. You know, it's simple as can be. As far as the blogs, and far as everyone else on the site that I'm seeing, this, you know, you got to keep the same energy. And for those that really rock with me, you know if I'm gonna let ya'll down, that's on me. I'm gonna stand on that, you know, I accept my accountability. But other than that, man, it just is what it is. I'm not gonna let people add fuel to the fire, keying it up with gas, you know."

Trae also added that the truth will come out and he’s focusing on helping the people in Jackson, Mississippi, who are facing water supply issues.