Klobuchar makes her case to FOX News viewers in Milwaukee town hall

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar says she was feeling out of place on FOX News doing a town hall from Milwaukee Wednesday night, likening the experience to the Vikings playing in Lambeau Field.

Despite her border battle joke in front of the Milwaukee crowd, Klobuchar walked away saying more Democratic candidates should go on the network.

The audience members challenged her about her progressive bona fides as Klobuchar has tacked to the middle against candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Milwaukee is the home of the 2020 Democratic Convention, so Klobuchar made the point that she can get to the finish line. She can get to Milwaukee as the Democratic nominee.

Even if she’s in the middle of the pack in polls, she is behind the male candidates who are leading those polls, prompting her to say, “May the best woman win.”

Klobuchar also defended her record at Hennepin County Attorney, which has attracted some concerns from progressives in the race. She said the laws need to be enforced from the poorest neighborhoods to the White House, a clear dig at President Trump.

She endorsed the legalization of marijuana on a state-by-state basis, supported a public option so people could buy into government-backed health insurance and said she would get the U.S. back in the Iran nuclear deal.

She’s one of 21 candidates hoping to be back in Milwaukee next July just down the street at Fiserv Forum for the 2020 convention.