Klobuchar campaigns at fair as other 2020 Dems make stops in Minnesota

As the state fair kicks off this week, Minnesota Senator and 2020 hopeful Amy Klobuchar is facing stiff competition from other Democrats.

Thursday, she was back on familiar ground at the Minnesota State Fair. She's excited about qualifying for the two Democratic presidential debates this fall, meaning she's in the top 10.

"When people say I don't understand what that means, you tell them I made the playoffs," Klobuchar said. "You tell them that six times the Wild Card team has won the Super Bowl."

But if Klobuchar is a wild card -- she is nowhere near the top four teams -- the candidates who lead in polls and money.

On Monday, rival Elizabeth Warren stormed onto Klobuchar's home turf, drawing several thousand people at a rally in St. Paul. At the state fair, Warren is ahead too.

Minnesota Democrats are holding a bean ballot at their booth. As of Thursday afternoon, Warren had more votes than anyone else. Klobuchar was second. A Democratic spokesman says the poll isn't for anything official but it might show where Minnesotans stand.

"While it might be something for folks to take note of, it's not going to affect how we conduct ourselves as a party," says Minnesota DFL spokesperson Brian Evans. "We want to make sure everyone gets a fair shake."

Klobuchar acknowledges to supporters that her campaign-style doesn't lead to many viral moments. But she says, unlike the current president, she'll make people proud.

"Instead of trying to fix it and coming up with meeting those challenges that we have today, he just keeps whining," says Klobuchar. "And I don't think people want a whiner as president."

Klobuchar won't be the last presidential candidate to hit the fair. Bernie Sanders is scheduled to stop on Saturday.