'Jiggly Boy' returns to Wolves game, takes national spotlight

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Along with Kevin Garnett, another familiar face (and belly) showed up to the Target Center Wednesday night… the man, the myth, the jiggly legend -- Jiggly Boy.  He reprised his fan-favorite shirtless dance moves in the aisle, on the Jumbotron, and on TV for all to remember.

Jiggly Boy is known as the overzealous fan that just couldn't stop dancing in the stands in 2003, and got carted off by security guards.  From the Today Show to ESPN, he caught the attention of nearly everyone.

At Wednesday night's game, he definitely had the crowd going and even KG couldn't help but smile at him.

"If you saw a fat guy with everything out dancing with your name on his chest, you would pay attention for at least five seconds too," Garnett said.

But who's the man behind the boy?  His name is actually John Sweeney, improv comedian, co-owner of the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre in Minneapolis, and father of two real boys.

"It was fun to show our two boys (William who is 11 and Michael who is nine) a little bit of the Jiggly boy!"  Sweeney said.  "It was the first time they had seen him live."

His big personality, described as "5-year-old-with-a-sugar-high," found the perfect fit in the world of improvisation as a performer and speaker.

Sweeney uses the skills of improvisation to teach businesses how to apply it to overcoming business challenges.  To date, his message and methods have helped an extensive list of clients including Microsoft, Target, General Mills, US Bancorp, and Medtronic, and many others.

The nickname Jiggly Boy originated about 10 years ago when the Star Tribune ran a headline that read "Jiggly Boy Helps Wolves Beat Dallas."  It stuck with him ever since. 

Sweeney was asked by the Wolves to bring his Jiggly Boy character out of retirement Wednesday to celebrate the return of KG, and boy he did.  Watch his comeback and KG's reaction here