'It's very lonely': Minnesota mom diagnosed with COVID-19 isolates herself from family

Amanda Knopik, a mom and frontline healthcare worker, has tested positive for COVID-19. (FOX 9)

Days after testing positive for COVID-19, Amanda Knopik, a Minnesota mom and frontline health care worker, has struggled with a headache, cold sweats and a big buildup of phlegm.

“Now I’m feeling it into my chest, my throat, my nose and kind of like a burning in my chest,” said Knopik. “And when I breathe really deep, there is a sharp pain.” 

She says her biggest concern is possibly passing the virus onto her children, especially those who have respiratory issues.
“It’s very lonely,” said Knopik.

The 30-year-old has quarantined herself in her Twin Cities metro area home and separated from her husband and their three young children. She’s got books and a box of tissues by her side, as well as an iPhone that she uses to update friends and family on her Facebook feed. She uses FaceTime with her kids, who can’t fully grasp why their mom isn’t available for a hug right now.
“I heard one of them in the living room say, ‘I wish Mom could come out,’” said Knopik. “That makes me sad. Like I said, it’s important for me to stay away from them.”
As part of her effort to educate others about the coronavirus, she shares most everything about her journey with her social media network. She discusses crying over the separation from her kids to the symptoms that have left her exhausted at times. 

Friends and loved ones are responding with prayers and lots of well wishes as she vows to beat the new virus that has killed tens of thousands across the globe.

“Definitely take it seriously,” she said. “Isolate yourself if you think you have it, or if you test positive. Drinks lots of fluid. And just take care of yourself.”