'It's not right': Motorcyclist hurt in crash near North Branch urges other driver to come forward

After a motorcycle crash left a woman injured, she is calling on the other driver involved to come forward.

Beth Johnson says she was nearly killed last week while riding her motorcycle in Chisago County. She tells us a driver swerved over the line, forcing her off the road.

"It's not right," she says, "I mean he literally could have killed me that day, he really could have."

Johnson was on her brand-new motorcycle heading south on Forest Drive, just north of North Branch, when she saw a white sedan cross the center line but go back to the northbound lane. Seconds later, however, it happened again.

Beth recalls, "Within a matter of seconds, it came back across the center line over halfway into my lane, possibly closer to two-thirds, which led me to head towards the shoulder."

She bumped her friend's bike and that was it; she and the bike went down.  A week later and Johnson is still in a lot of pain.

"I have staples and stitches on the side of my head," she says. "And then across my forehead, chin, both sides of my cheek..."

She also has headaches and what hurts even more is that the driver didn’t stop. North Branch police are looking for the driver of that white or cream sedan, posting a call for information on Facebook.

Beth Johnson is begging for the driver to come forward. She believes he or she knew exactly what happened.

"You cause an accident like that, you stop," she says. "You make sure they’re okay."

Beth's friends have put up a $1,000 reward for information that leads police to the driver. If you have any information, call North Branch police.