Iowa woman sets up 'giving tree' of face masks for people to use during coronavirus pandemic

A real-life “giving tree” has sprouted up in Iowa after one kind-hearted woman decided to start knitting hundreds of face masks and putting them out for others to take.

Deb Siggins of Lisbon began making the masks as a way to help out a local hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

To get the word out, the woman said she alerted the community about the tree on Facebook, and the post just took off. (Photo credit: Deb Siggins)

“I just felt like [my knitting] is a gift that I could put it towards other people, because it’s a gift that God has given me,” she told Good Morning America.

The 55-year-old, who pays out of her own pocket for all the materials, said she’s made about 400 masks — 100 of which were for the hospital, as well as some for patients and co-workers at the doctor’s office where she works, and others for workers on the front lines, including firefighters and grocery store workers, the New York Post reported.

Now Siggins hangs them on a tree nearby, which has since been dubbed the "giving tree," so people can get the masks while still maintaining social distancing.

To get the word out, Siggins said she shared a post about the tree on Facebook, where it has taken off.

“It was really cool to see people driving up, grabbing a mask and leaving,” Siggins said. “It’s been a hit.”

Siggins is still making masks, and plans to continue, as “there’s a big demand out there.”

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