Hottest start to June on record in the Twin Cities metro

If you've been feeling extra toasty this month, it hasn't been your imagination.

It's been the hottest start to June in the Twin Cities metro on record.

From June 1 to June 13 the average temperature has been about 14 degrees above average, according to the National Weather Service.

This month, the metro saw a record 9-day stretch of temperatures reaching 90 degrees or higher and although the record stretch is over our heat wave continues. Monday was the 12th straight day of above average temperatures and the forecast from FOX 9's Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard continues the warmer than normal trend into the weekend. 

At this point, almost half of Minnesota is classified in Moderate Drought conditions and those conditions are expected to worsen over the next 10 days even with a chance of rain in Ian’s forecast on Thursday.

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