Hockey director arrested for DWI after stealing Alary's Bar bus

As the state hockey tournament is underway, one hockey director is getting a lot of attention and it has nothing to do with ice. A junior-gold bantam hockey director was arrested in St. Paul on Thursday.

Michael Schurrer is at the Ramsey County jail facing drunk driving charges after stealing a bar's shuttle bus, according to police. Party buses at Alary's Bar in downtown St. Paul shuttle customers to the state hockey tournament at the Xcel Energy Center.

Schurrer stole the shuttle bus while it was locked and running with the keys in the ignition while the driver was in the bar. Officers caught up with the bus about a mile away where Schurrer was seen getting out of the driver's side.

According to police, he smelled like alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, he had trouble walking, and his speech was slurred. He refused a breathalyzer and field sobriety test.

This isn't Schurrer's first time he's been caught intoxicated behind the wheel. He's been arrested five times for driving while intoxicated since 1994.

Schurrer wasn't charged with stealing the bus because Alary's bar doesn't want to press charges.

According to its website, Schurrer is the junior gold bantam director for the Forest Lake hockey association. He will make his first court appearance on Monday.