MDH searching for Phase 1A health care workers who haven’t been vaccinated yet

The Minnesota Department of Health announced updates Wednesday in the continuing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines across the state.

According to officials, 80,000 of the 500,000 people in Phase 1A remain to be vaccinated. This includes 50,000 health care workers getting vaccines this week and next. It also includes assisted living residents who are supposed to be finished by next week.

Minnesota's vaccine allocation will be 83,825 doses over the next two weeks under the 21% boost announced by the Biden administration. The state also expects 16,900 doses to be shipped to pharmacies after the Biden administration announced a retail pharmacy program, which will launch Feb. 11.

Officials also said the uptake rate among skilled nursing home staff is just 48 percent, compared to 81 percent among residents.

Minnesota has reported fewer than 1,000 new coronavirus cases for four straight days, the first time that's happened since mid-September.

As of Feb. 1, 458,651 people have had at least a first dose (10.7% of adult population) while 122,587 people have had both doses (2.9% of adult population). This means that 168,235 people age 65 or older have had at least one dose (20.3% of senior population).