Hampton house explosion victim ID'd, officials say propane contributed

Authorities have identified the woman who died in a home explosion in Hampton, Minnesota Monday and her husband, who was severely burned. 

The explosion occurred around 6:14 a.m. at the couple's home on the 24000 block of Lewiston Boulevard. When deputies arrived, they found a man wandering the scene with severe burns over much of his body, according to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office. He told deputies he was looking for his wife. Several hours later, a body was recovered from the blast debris. 

The victim who died in the explosion has been identified as 56-year-old Theresa Ann Snoeyenbos. 

Her husband, identified as Brian Suilman, was taken to Regions Hospital. 

Officials are investigating the fire as a potential propane-fueled explosion.

“What happens is the gas will leak out of the propane tank and once enough of it leaks out to where it’s in a flammable range, once it finds an ignition source, than it's an instant,” explained Minneapolis Assistant Fire Chief Brian Tyner. 

Typically used for cooking and heating, it's more common to find propane-heated homes in rural areas, but even in Minneapolis this week, firefighters responded to an apartment at 20th and Fremont after residents heard an explosion. 

“When we got in the apartment and extinguished the fire, we found propane tanks inside of the apartment. Actually, one had been ejected out of the apartment when an explosion happened and the other two we found in a room in the apartment. We don't know that the propane tanks were necessarily the cause right now; it's undetermined, but it definitely was a contributor,” Tyner said. 

Last year, at the homeless encampment in Minneapolis, a propane heater ignited flames that set 10 tents on fire. 

First responders warn that most propane tanks - unless they are one-pound or smaller - should be kept outside. It’s also important to get them checked every year or so to make sure they're working properly. If you smell propane, get out of the house.