Gun rights advocates rally at the Minnesota State Capitol

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A week after students calling for gun control rallied at the State Capitol, members of Minnesota Gun Rights group and other gun rights advocates held a rally of their own. They brought their firearms and their message: defend the Second Amendment. 

Hundreds of gun rights supporters pushed against gun control and pushed for pro-gun legislation in Minnesota, including constitutional, or permitless, carry and a “stand your ground” law. 

“Banning things has proven in history that it doesn’t work; we can’t just ban,” said Jessie Webber, who traveled with his wife Angela from the Cambridge area to attend the rally. “We need to look at other solutions that will actually be corrective action solutions.” 

Fred Guercio, another participant at the rally said, “12,000 people in the United States die falling down. About 10,000 kids under the age of 14 die on a bicycle. We have 4,000 people die every year on a bicycle in the United States every year. Life is dangerous. We can’t legislate perfection.” 

Their words directed at those calling for gun control and at Republicans inside the legislature, who advocates say were elected on pro-gun platforms. They say the officials aren’t doing enough to defend gun rights. 

“That’s a great big slap in the face for all of you gun owners—the very people that gave them their power that they enjoy right now,” said Chris Dorr, executive director of Minnesota Gun Rights. 

Those pushing for gun control, however, have been frustrated as bills on the issue have stalled. Republican leaders in the legislature contend there’s not enough support for gun control among lawmakers and are focused on school safety bills instead. 

Eddy Jordan, a student at Monticello High School said guns are not the main issue when it comes to school safety. 

“There’s got to be somebody behind the trigger for the gun to fire,” Jordan said. “The gun doesn’t shoot or fire automatically when the gun feels like it.” 

The legislature will be in recess until April 9.

Another coalition of gun rights groups has planned another rally for April 28.