Gronomics elevated gardening beds

Elevated gardening beds are not necessarily a new thing, yet it has become a very, hot trend especially for those with limited mobility or those who live in urban areas. I love supporting local, so it was a nice surprise to discover in East Bethel, MN manufacturing a large variety of elevated garden bed styles to choose from. Gronomics is open M-F for business, so drive up and see their products first hand and while you're at it say hi to the pet pig, chickens and goats!


19801 Highway 65 NE
East Bethel, MN 55011

#MadeInMinnesota with pride using local resources, their products are shipped around the country to help fuel a growing trend to grown your own food. Made from cedar, the beds can be ordered unfinished or finished according to your lifestyle - mine were finished, yet as they age will patina to a silvery, gray color. The beds I own are Rustic Series, size 24"X48"X30" with a soil capacity of 5.4 cubic feet. No tools necessary as you simply slide the pieces together using the tongue/groove assembly. $219-$349 

The vertical garden makes life simple and easy with it's small footprint of around 2 sqft., yet has over 17 feet of linear growing space. It comes with an irrigation system that you can hook up to a water supply. I opted for the vertical garden stand which has an 8-gallon water reservoir and pump with timer that automatically waters my vertical garden four times a day. The castors on the bottom of the stand make it easy to move the garden around should bad weather approach and I need to place inside my garage. $299-$699