Green organics recycling carts arrive on Minneapolis curbs

Green organics recycling bins are starting to show-up on Minneapolis curbs and alleys. The city started delivering the green bins to registered addresses in late March, with the rollout continuing through mid-June.

How does it work?

Any organic waste from the home can be put in the new green cart for pickup on the same day as garbage and recycling. Organics must be placed in compostable bags inside the green cart to keep it clean and to keep organics from freezing to the inside of the bin during winter months.

What can be composted?

Food scraps
Most non-recyclable paper
Coffee grounds
Floral trimmings
Nail clippings
Animal and human hair
Certified compostable plastics

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What happens to organics after they're picked up?

Organics are brought to a commercial composting facility where they're mixed with yard waste and composted. Microbes break down the waste, causing them to heat up. After a 6-month curing process, the compost is screened for non-composted material, then distributed for use in gardens, landscaping or erosion control projects.

How much does it cost me?

There is no added cost to your solid waste and recycling fees.

How big is the green cart?

Single-family household will receive a 32-gallon cart. Households with more than two units will receive a 64-gallon cart.

When will I get my organics cart?

Check out the city’s organics cart delivery map to find out when your cart will arrive.

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