Gov. Dayton releases supplemental budget proposal

Governor Mark Dayton is putting a priority on early education in his newly released supplemental budget proposal.

Dayton wants to put an additional $100 million toward voluntary preK opportunities, bringing the proposed total of investments to $175 million. The increased funds would allow for 12,900 more Minnesota four-year-olds to participate in voluntary preK.

“My supplemental budget proposal would continue making the investments our state needs to create opportunity for every Minnesotan, starting with our youngest learners, while protecting the fiscal integrity of our state’s budget,” said Governor Mark Dayton. “Investing $175 million in voluntary preK this year would allow more schools to offer that opportunity to students and families across Minnesota. My budget would deliver excellent educations for all our students, support job creation across our state, and help build an even Better Minnesota for all who call our state home.”

Dayton also wants to invest in Minnesota farmers by putting funding toward improving water quality, protection against the Avian Flu, and training agriculture education teachers.

In the wake of the spike in opioid deaths, Dayton's plan would increase the fee on the prescription medications for pharmaceutical companies and then invest $42 million from the increase toward addiction and prevention programs.

For a full spreadsheet of every investment included in Dayton's supplemental budget proposal, click here.