'Gopher Idol' held to find national anthem performers

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University of Minnesota students sang their hearts out, hoping to become part of the team – of national anthem performers.

The University of Minnesota held Gopher Idol to add to their pool of singers and musicians for the “Star-Spangled Banner.” There are more than 20 varsity sports at the U and the anthem is sung before every event, except golf and rowing.

“And really we just want anybody who will engage the crowd and engage the start of the event,” said Maggie Parker, a Gopher sports marketing intern.

The university needed to freshen the list of about fifty performers because they need so many.

It’s a song we all know - kudos to those, who can actually sing it well and nail it every time.

“Every once in a while, you panic right before you go up and go ‘Oh my gosh, what are the words?’ and then you start singing and go ‘Oh, right, I’ve been singing this forever. I’ve totally got it,’” said Anne Briggs, a U of M graduate student.