Give a big "thank you" to your bus driver today

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Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton declared Wednesday, March 18 as Transit Driver Appreciation Day, joining many other states who observe the day. This is the first time the day has been celebrated locally, after it was started in Seattle in 2009

Riders are encouraged to wave or give a thumbs up to light-rail operators who pull into the station, to say "thank you" as you board or exit the bus, or to share your appreciation on social media by using the hashtag #tdad.

Bus operators help thousands of riders get to work, school, or elsewhere safely on time, so today is the day to acknowledge the 250,000 public transit operators employed in the U.S. who give nearly 10 billion rides a year.

Metro Transit made readily available thank you cards to print out and hand to your driver as well. To print out a card go to