Gargantuan gator makes appearance at Palmetto golf course

The massive alligator affectionately called "Chubbs" has made another appearance at a Palmetto golf course. 

Brett Pollock spotted Chubbs out for a walk surrounded by many of his feathered friends on Saturday at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course.

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Chubbs walks through the large group of birds, snarls at them as they crowd him, and continues on. 

No one has tried to measure the gargantuan gator, but he first made internet fame two years ago when a golfer captured him traipsing across the green. Many believed at the time he was so big that the video was doctored, but the manager at the golf course confirmed the gator is real, and enormous. 

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In fact, he's a longtime resident of the golf course and because he just minds his own business moving from reservoir to reservoir, visitors are asked to respect his home and look on from a safe distance.