From a blizzard to 60s and sunny, Minnesotans embrace warmer weather

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Photo courtesy Amanda Griffin

It’s like a switch was flipped in Minnesota. From a blizzard, to 60 degrees and sunny, it’s amazing what a difference a week can make. 

“I felt I was in Minnesota last week, now I feel like I’m in Florida and I’m loving it,” said Bob Watson.

People and their pets flocked to the shores of Lake Harriet to soak up the sun. 

“Last week, we binged watched on Netflix and this weekend everybody’s out so no binge watching this weekend,” said Mary Linstroff, who was walking her dog by the lake. 

Karine Watne has lived in Minnesota for 20 years—and has never anything like last weekend’s snow event, she said. 

The change in weather means a sunnier outlook for many bike riders in the Twin Cities—including Watne and her family.

“This is really the first time this weekend we can enjoy it,” Watne said. 

In south Minneapolis, Farmstead Bike Shop opened for the first time this year—several weeks later than usual. 

“Just a lot of people bringing their bikes in for service, a lot of people who discover their tires went flat and they want to be in the sunshine,” said Greg Neis, owner of Farmstead Bike Shop. 

After a difficult start to the year for cyclists, he’s glad to see the weather change.

“I was shoveling a week ago, believe it or not,” Neis said. “We’re really happy to see warm weather; it’s a little bit overdue.” 

While the bike shops were bustling and pets and their owners went for walks around the lakes, kids around the state had fun that can only be found in Minnesota. They suited up in shorts and sundresses and traded their boots for their bare feet to build igloos and snowmen with the melting snow. 

With the spring air upon us, last weekend’s blizzard is now nothing more than a distant memory.