Fox at Minnesota rescue tries to steal cell phone

Dixie the fox is the "undisputed queen" of SAVEAFOX Rescue in Lakeville, Minnesota, according to staff. Now, the fox could also call herself the queen of the internet, thanks to her sneaky shenanigins in a recent viral video.

Over the weekend, SAVEAFOX founder Mikayla Raines had originally planned to film herself doing yoga and have Dixie jump on her back. Dixie, however, had other plans.

Soon after Raines set up the phone, Dixie got up close to investigate - only to run off with the phone with the camera still rolling. In the video, Raines can be heard calling out the Dixie's name while chasing after her. Dixie even seemed to be cackling with glee while she scurried away. When Dixie tried to bury her newfound treasure, Raines finally caught up.

"That was pretty funny," Raines says in the video, while petting Dixie. "That was pretty funny. I'll give you that."

Dixie was a surrendered pet and has been at SAVEAFOX for about two years, according to staff. Apparently, Dixie is a repeat offender.

"Stealing things is one of her favourite past times - no glove, hat, rubbish bag or food item is safe around her; though this is her first time stealing a phone!" said Raines in an email.

Dixie is also known at the rescue for sitting on people's heads at the rescue "to make sure they never forget who is in charge!"

SAVEAFOX works to rescue foxes from various situations, including fur farms and former pets, and then prepare them for eventual adoption. For more information, the rescue posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.