For the 1st time in decades, Seattle out-snows MSP

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Thanks to our warm winter, and over half of our winter precipitation falling as rain, the Twin Cities actually experienced fewer flakes in January & February combined than Seattle did.  This is the first time this has happened since 1969, nearly 50 years ago.  Our dismal snow season so far is mostly thanks to how warm temperatures have been and how the couple of “big” Midwest snow storms have stayed out of the metro (one such storm hitting southern Minnesota last week while several others earlier in the winter impacted states around us).  Meanwhile, Seattle has experienced a cold winter, with temperatures coming in below average all three months, the first time the city experienced 3 consecutive months below average since summer of 2012.  This helped with their snows, giving the city a little over 10 inches of snow in January and February, while the metro saw just under 9 inches.  The metro averages about 20 inches of snow in the same time period while Seattle usually gets about 3.  IF the metro can escape accumulating snow the rest of the season (which is extremely unlikely), we would be in the bottom 15 percent for total snowfall over a season coming in under 30”.