Flooding strands cars near Lakeville North High School

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Flooding near Lakeville North High School stranded vehicles on June 4, 2019. Photo Courtesy: Carlton McMillan

Flooding following Tuesday evening's storm in the Twin Cities metro area stranded cars in Lakeville, according to city leaders.

As of late Tuesday night, police said the flooding on Dodd Blvd south of 194th Street is receding. Officials plan to remove the mud from the road and expect it to be open to traffic later in the night.

A tweet from the City of Lakeville showed multiple cars underwater near Lakeville North High School.

Sgt. Jason Heider with Lakeville Police Department says starting around 5 p.m. the department received a large amount of calls. He says he saw about six to seven flooded cars left abandoned on the roads.

Sgt. Heider says no one was injured and the vehicles got stuck after driving into water that was too deep.