Flooding concerns follow sharp turn from snowstorms to spring

As temperatures in Minnesota start to rise and spring peeks its head from around the corner, a larger than usual April snowpack is starting to melt—and all that left over water needs somewhere to go.

Concerns over flooding have subsequently led authorities to close several roads in the southern portion of the Twin Cities metro, including Highway 93 in Henderson. It's not out of the ordinary for this time of year, but locals are saying this year's spring flooding is happening later in the year--and faster--than usual.

 “The water came up about at least 12 inches if not 16-18," said Henderson native Rich Haas. "You used to be able to see the bottom part of [bridge] pillars and now you can’t.”

Most of the rivers in the southern part of the state are expected to crest this Thursday, meaning flood-prone areas in the Minnesota river valley will be flooded through next weekend. After that, water levels should subside. 

"We had those 2 weeks of sunshine and everyone thought spring is here," Fox 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said. "Then we got the snow so instead of all of that water running off, it seeps into the ground—so the water is sitting in the ground almost like a sponge, it’s had too much and it can’t hold it anymore.”