Firefighters save same dog from roof twice in one hour

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Nanticoke City Fire Department/Facebook

Firefighters rescued a dog that found his way onto a roof two floors up—then had to return when the determined pup found his way back up again.

The Nanticoke City Fire Department in Pennsylvania responded to a call of a dog on a roof and discovered a daring canine had apparently climbed out a window onto a roof ledge below while his owners were away from home.

Using a ladder to scale the building, firefighters managed to coax the dog back inside, closed the window and returned to the station.

About an hour later, the fire department received another call at the same location for a dog on the roof. They returned to find the clever dog had opened the window and let himself back outside.

When firefighters approached, the dog walked back inside, and firefighters made sure to secure the window to prevent another escape.