Feeding Our Future juror bribe: FBI searches 3 defendants' home

At least three homes of Feeding Our Future defendants have been searched as the FBI continues to investigate the attempted bribe of a juror before the jury reached a verdict in the trial last week

FBI agents searched the homes of Mukhtar Shariff in Burnsville as well as Abdiaziz Farah and Mohamed Ismail in Savage, neighbors told FOX 9's Rob Olson. The FBI arrived around 8 a.m. Shariff, Farah and Ismail were among the five defendants convicted in the Feeding Our Future trial last week. Two defendants were acquitted. 

The FBI also searched Abdiaziz Farah's home in Savage on Wednesday. Last week, FBI agents raided Farah's home after the attempted bribe. 

This is all related to an attempted bribe of one of the jurors in the final days of the trial, when someone dropped off a bag of $120,000 in cash at a juror's home and offered her more money if she would vote to acquit seven people charged with stealing more than $40 million from a program meant to feed children during the pandemic.

Photos of the cash given to the juror obtained from a search warrant.  (Supplied)

That juror was dismissed after reporting the incident. A second juror was released the following day after learning about the alleged bribe attempt from a family member. The remaining jurors were sequestered until they reached a verdict. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Feeding Our Future verdict

  • Abdiaziz Shafii Farah, 35, of Savage, guilty of 23 of 24 counts. Farah was found not guilty of one count of wire fraud.
  • Mohamed Jama Ismail, 51, of Savage, guilty of three of the four counts against him. The not-guilty verdict came on the same wire fraud count as Farah.
  • Abdimajid Mohamed Nur, 23, of Shakopee, guilty of 10 of the 13 counts. Nur was found not guilty on three counts of money laundering.
  • Said Shafii Farah not guilty of all nine counts against him.
  • Abdiwahab Maalim Aftin not guilty of all three counts.
  • Mukhtar Mohamed Shariff, 33, of Bloomington, guilty on three of six counts.
  • Hayat Mohamed Nur, 27, of Eden Prairie, guilty on three of five counts.