Fatal shooting victim said to have recently won lottery scratch off

A man was shot to death Tuesday and police think he may have been targeted because he had won some money.

People who know the victim said that he had recently won $5,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket and made the mistake of making it public.

Police are considering the possibility the man was robbed. Neighbors found him slumped over in his SUV on Euclid and Beaubien around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Police arrived and confirmed what many who saw the vehicle suspected that the man inside had been killed, was shot in the head.

"The man was known in the area as possibly a drug user," said Lt. Darin Szilagy. "He has been seen slumped over in the car before from drug use. Some people that checked on him said that he had probably been shot. Right now our homicide detectives are out there, treating it as such.

"When our medical examiner comes out we will know more at that time."

One neighbor who lives in the area described the man as having a good heart and that he would "give you the shirt off his back."

There are no suspects yet in the case, according to police.