Fans invited to leave tributes to Prince on fence outside Paisley Park

Nearly a year after his death, Prince fans are once again leaving tributes to the music legend on the fence outside his recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

In the weeks following Prince’s death on April 21, fans flocked to Paisley Park to leave flowers, drawings, balloons, cards and other memorabilia on the fence surrounding the 65,000 square foot recording studio. A professional archivist collected the items to preserve them. Those items are on display this week for the first time on a special purple fence built on the property’s interior grounds, according to Paisley Park staff.

The recording-studio-turned-museum is calling it the Prince4Ever Tribute Fence. Fans will be allowed onto the grounds free-of-charge on April 3 and April 10 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to attach new memorial items and tributes to the fence in remembrance of Prince.

Anyone with a Paisley Park tour booked in April is also invited to view the fence and leave a tribute to Prince before their scheduled tour. 

The Prince4Ever Tribute Fence one of a number of activities and events taking place at Paisley Park in April leading up to Celebration 2017, a four-day festival honoring the life and legacy of Prince. Celebration 2017 takes place from April 20-23.