Family pleads for return of puppy stolen in Minnetonka home burglary

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A burglary at a Minnetonka home has turned the lives of its owners upside down. The thieves ransacked the home Tuesday and left with the one thing in it that mattered most to this couple – their new puppy. 

Mike Mehle has already cleaned the broken glass left on his floor, but a part of his heart remains shattered after the couple’s five-month-old miniature schnauzer was stolen.

“I tried calling ‘Zoey, Zoey,’ and I walked around the house thinking that she was scared and hiding in the corner, but then came the realization that she wasn’t here…and then came the realization that she’s really cute and anyone would want a dog like that,” Mehle said. “They grabbed her along with everything else and left.”

The stolen items included electronics, credit cards and several rifles. But, the family is only concerned about Zoey.

“She’s fun, she’s loving, she’s very playful – smart,” Mehle said. “She just compliments our life so much and she’s become part of lives and our hearts.”  

It’s the last thing they would have expected a burglar to steal when they broke into the house - which is why they have a message for whoever did.

“If you can’t see it in your heart to bring her back and you have to keep her, treat her the way we did and make her a member of your family, don’t let anything ever happen to her.”

If you have any information on Zoey's whereabouts, contact the Minnetonka Police.