Family finds out they are having a boy with the help of a gator

A Louisiana's couple gender reveal party has been a whole new meaning on the phrase "Jaws of Life," as they used a live alligator to announce the news.

A soon-to-be grandma posted the heart-pounding video to Facebook over the video.

The video shows Mike "T-Mike" Kliebert surrounded by family and friends staring down the jaws of a live trained alligator. Kliebert places a hollowed-out watermelon in the gator's mouth and with one powerful chomp, the fruit bursts with a blue color, revealing that their baby will be boy.

"T-Mike" is actually short for "T-Mike, the Gator King." He is a trained alligator handler and says that gators are already part of their family, so it made sense to include them in the reveal.