Family awaits justice for firefighter who died eight days after assault

Just days after his father's death, Dominic Hlinsky is already back at work on the family farm. 

His father’s only son, somehow the 25-year-old remains strong despite the tragic circumstances. 

"In the back of my mind [I think] my dad should be driving the tractor I’m driving right now, and it’s really hard," he said. "It’s such a shock to us honestly because he was doing so well."

Dominic’s dad, Steven William Hlinsky, 46, died over the weekend just eight days after being brutally assaulted outside Muddy Boot Bar, and while an autopsy is underway to determine whether Hlinsky's death is the result of the injuries he received during the incident or from a separate cause, police are looking into a group of four men who they believe were behind the potentially fatal incident.

Better known by his childhood nickname of "Beaver" to friends and family, Steven Hlinsky was a 28-year veteran of the Forada Fire Department--where he volunteered alongside his son.

"He ran the pump and I ran the hose," Dominic recounted. "It’s going to be really hard to not have him there now."

Now, as Dominic and his sister Abby prepare to lay their father to rest, they cherish their memories and hope that justice lies on the horizon.

"I’d like the people that did this to be responsible for their actions," Dominic said. "It wasn't an accident at all."

Steven Hlinksy’s funeral is set for Friday May 18 at Alexandria Covenant Church.