Some families get jumpstart on MEA weekend

MEA weekend is starting in just a couple of days, but some families are already heading out on their trips. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) says it's going to be a busy weekend for travel.

Ashley Lund says she found a good deal on a Florida trip for the long MEA weekend. She took her girls out of school a couple of days early to get ahead of the rush.

"This is a lot better than spring break. A lot better! That was crazy," said Ashley Lund from Lakeville.

According to MSP Airport, Wednesday and Thursday will be the busiest days, with 46,000 passengers expected to clear checkpoints. Thursday will see the peak number of scheduled departing flights at 460.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission says travel numbers may approach or even surpass any daily record set before the pandemic.

"Really for the last almost three years now, it has been an uninterrupted steady and then surge in travel demand," said Kyle Potter of Thrifty Traveler.

Potter will be watching the travel weekend closely, noting that since the pandemic waned, demand for travel has only grown, pushing airfare higher. He wonders if it's now nearing a plateau.

"And now it's, you get to a point where how high can things go? How many more people are out there that are willing and itching to take those trips and willing to pay for them?" Potter added.

If the airport's projections hold true, it will be a busy few days—making it a good idea to get your vacation started a little early.