Expanded minimum wake zone goes into effect on Lake Minnetonka

An expanded no wake zone went into effect on Lake Minnetonka Friday, according to Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Chair Gregg Thomas.

Thomas says the conservation district will issue a high water level declaration, which means there will be an expanded no wake zone. The lake will still be open to boats, but watercraft can't exceed five miles per hour or a speed that creates more than a minimum wake in the regulated areas.

No wake will be allowed 600 feet from shore, which could create no wake zones for the entirety of some of the smaller bays on the lake.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office will enforce the rule.

High water levels can cause damage to the shoreline, docks and other structures.

The high water declaration will stay in place until the lake's water levels fall below 933 feet for three consecutive days.

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office will hold a press conference Friday afternoon to release more information.