Even after our recent cold snap, it's the 7th warmest start to the year

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A week straight with temperatures below average… there is something I haven’t typed in a while.  It’s been 3 months since our last major below normal streak of temperatures… you have to go back to the “big chill” of mid-December to find a streak of sub average numbers as long as we’ve experienced over the last few days.  And despite how cold that streak was, we still managed to finish the month of December ABOVE average… along with the last 18 straight months.  And March will likely be no different.  Despite the fact that temperatures have been consistently below average for a week, we are only 2 degrees below average total for the month.  That can be made up with a couple of quick warm days… and I bet those are coming.  The month of March is typically very topsy turvy with records ranging from the teens below zero to the 80s.  Average highs climb from near freezing to almost 50.  Lows go from subfreezing every night, to about every other night as we climb out of our winter frost.

This year though, we didn’t have much of a winter frost.  Subpar snowfall helped keep temperatures above normal which made for another mild winter.  Combine that with 60°+ in February and March on a few different occasions, and it’s been one of the warmest starts to the year ever.  But this isn’t really anything new.  Through the middle of March in 2012, it was the third warmest on record.  Just last year, we had the 11th warmest start through March 15th.  So is this the new normal?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see…